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4.5 stars | 45 reviews
Pier Construction
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Pier Construction Experts

Having direct access from your home to the coast is a dream for many but may not be a reality yet. Beach dune restrictions, fluctuating tides, or distant navigable water depths require professional pier construction to ensure safety and durability for your deck walkway.

At H5 Construction Services, LLC, we provide professional pier construction in Supply, NC, and many more coastal towns. We are licensed general contractors in North Carolina, so we understand the local codes and statewide restrictions for marine construction projects. We’ll handle it all for you from start to finish and get the job done right.

Customizable Options

Everyone has a different goal for their pier. Perhaps you want to sit and drink in the view, or maybe you want plenty of space to clean the day’s catch. H5 Construction Services, LLC can customize your pier construction project with relaxing gazebos and benches, safety rails, ramps, swim ladders, or even an outdoor grill kitchen! With so many customizations available, we can bring the pier of your dreams to life.

The Best Materials For Exceptional Quality

To ensure your pier construction or repair will last for years, H5 Construction Services, LLC uses round or square marine-grade, pressure-treated wood infused with copper to prevent fungi growth and wood rot. We also use an environmentally friendly chromium-infused wood, which triggers a chemical reaction that locks insecticide into the wood cells of pier pilings and columns. This 2.5 CCA marine-grade treated wood is the highest protection level available for saltwater immersion use.

H5 Construction Services, LLC also uses a 500-pound hydraulic hammer for maximum stability and cost-effectiveness when driving the wooden pier pilings or “poles” into the bottom of the waterway. Our pressurized water jet digs a hole while the hydraulic hammer drives the piling securely into the seabed. We’ll measure and re-measure to ensure proper placement and a sound pier installation.

Pier Repair

If your pier has split pilings or rotting boards, H5 Construction Services, LLC has the skills, experience, and equipment to repair your pier quickly and on budget. Don’t wait until there’s an unfortunate accident or your pier is unusable — call H5 Construction Services, LLC at (910) 777-2364 today.

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Serving the Sunset Beach, Holden Beach, Ocean Island Beach, Oak Island, Southport, & Bird Island areas.

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4.5 stars | 45 reviews
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